Friday, October 11, 2013


My little tiny baby is a year old. I'm kind of a basket case about it.
This small girl has taught me so much in these last twelve months.
The most recent lesson was one of the sweetest.

Evangeline is learning to walk, and getting pretty good at it. However, there is no shortage of tumbles and head bumps around our place.
She falls, we smile at her, and say (in an unnaturally high pitch), "You ok, you ok, you ok. You fine, you fine, you fine."

And then we wait, will she buy it or will she cry?

 I'd say we're about 50/50.

What I have noticed is that when she's cranky, sleepy, hungry, and we're across the room- even the smallest of spills leads to tears for sure.

But, when she is having fun, we're near and all laughing... she bumps her head and it's like she doesn't even notice. She may even laugh at the slap-stick comedy of the situation (impeccable sense of humor she has, that girl).

Then I realized, I'm like that too. When I'm disconnected from my Father, his Word, and biblical community: the smallest of "bumps" are enough to totally derail me. And the meltdown train stops at apartment 276.

But when I am connected and close to my Father, I'm able to seek joy in the everyday. And then I can handle difficult or uncomfortable things, because I trust God to handle it.

Vanny reminded me of the importance of seeking joy. It can make you invincible.

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Leslie Young said...

Yep. Joy. Thanks, Vanny.
(And Jess. And Joe!)