Sunday, October 13, 2013


Seven years ago today Joe asked me to "officially" be his girlfriend. Can I just say, I am so glad he stuck with me this whole time.

(approximately October 13, 2006. He had me at, "*hair-swish* Hey I'm Joe")

 One year ago today was Evangeline's due date: so happy she came 9 days early.

 (approximately October 13, 2012)

October 13th is a cool day for our family.

(how cute is baby girl in her Little-Hip-Squeaks headband?!)

Please just let it be known: I intensely dislike this princess stroller.
However, I am out-of-control crazy about these two people!

I am so thankful for them. God knew better than to trust me with Joseph and Evangeline, but he did anyway... what a guy!

My hope is to love Him by the way I love and serve them. 
My prayer is that others see how I love them and praise Him.

Without Jesus, I wouldn't know how to love Joe and Vanny perfectly. 
I could feel the "warm-squishies" when things are sweet and smooth (note: with these two a fence-post could feel warm-squishies) but when things get real- it is because Jesus loves me that I can love them. 
He showed me how.

In no way do I intend to suggest that I am great at this all the time. Absolutely not. 
But Jesus makes me want to be great and I'll never give up. 

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