Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the McPasties go to the beach!

Two goals for our weekend in Orange Beach:

   1. Relax.
   2. Wear sufficient sunscreen to come back almost as pale as we left.

Mission: accomplished.

Vanny-girl loved the sand! After only a few minutes of confusion she did not seem to mind having it in every crevice.

The ocean itself was another story. She was not a big fan.

She is, however, a big fan of her daddy. I am too.

I have to admit, I really enjoyed the tight snuggles that came when we got close to the waves.

Playing around in the condo was fun.

New things to pull up on...

...new things to chew on.

That little wrist-crease tan line slays me.

Lessons learned from our 3 day beach trip with an 8 month old:

1. Slather on the sunscreen. So thankful to not be nursing sunburns!
2. Cute hats are a necessity.
3. Only be out for a couple hours at a time to preserve baby happiness and mommy/daddy sanity.
4. Kiddie pool filled with ocean water = money.
5. Daily naps for everyone.
6. Eating sand is ok.

I'm a total faker, if you know me at all, the fact that my mouth is not wide open would tip you off immediately.

So thankful for vacations and this sweet family. 


Emily B said...

Aww the pics are precious! Now I'm dying to drive to The beach this weekend. Sad we've lived 2 hrs away for two years and have never gone lol!

Leslie Young said...

I tried to post from my phone! I love this! I can't wait til Jesse and I can take Evangeline to the beach!

Pat said...

Love her little beach wardrobe....quite the little fashionista!