Sunday, June 16, 2013

sunday shenanigans. (father's day edition)

Happy Father's day to all the really wonderful dudes in our lives.  

Biff: Thank you for raising my Joe to be the wise and silly man that he is and for treating me like your own. 

Jesse: I want to be the Jess that you see. 
(Admittedly, I stole that line from Mary Crowley, but I couldn't mean it more)

Joseph: I always knew you could dominate fatherhood, and you have not disappointed in the least. It is so much fun seeing you "daddy-ing" Evangeline, she is such a lucky girl. I am too.

Papa: I love how proud you are of me and (even more so) Evangeline! We feel so loved by you!

Daddy Ray: I love that you don't mind being silly to try to coax a baby laugh and I love how much you love us!

Seriously, we hit the daddy mother-load in this clan and we could not be more thankful! Here's to you guys!

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Leslie Young said...

Daddy mother-lode! Love it! You're a sweet girl!