Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday shenanigans.

What do you do when it is extremely late at night and your baby isn't the least bit sleepy? 
Why, put a pillowcase on her head and laugh until you pee your pants, of course. 

(the Aladdin)

(the after dentist bandages)

(the screaming after dentist bandages)

(the nice/silly Professor Quirrell)

(the Mother Teresa)

(the screaming Mother Teresa)

(the wrestler)

(the screaming wrestler)

Love this silly white-nuckler so much. How does one little person bring so much joy?
Glory to God for his unending grace.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nehemiah, my boy

I feel like I'm at the end of an era.
I started this study in Nehemiah when little Vanny was 2 weeks old.
It is a 6 week study.
I finished a few weeks ago.
Vanny was 27 weeks old.

That has to be some kind of record.

I love having a little partner for quiet times. 
Distracting at times? Yes.
Cute all the time? Also yes.
And also a reminder of how thankful I am for this gift from God and His grace that got her here. 

I came across this question toward the end of the study and it has been kind of haunting me since then.
"Have I grown comfortable with what should grieve me?"

The answer is simple. Yes.

I justify my "blind eye turning" and call it optimism because really, who likes to feel "grieved" about stuff?

But who am I helping with that?
And who am I fooling besides myself?

My good friend Pastor Crain posted this as his status this week:

"What is it that YOU see and it breaks YOUR heart? 
Whatever that may be is most probably the area God has wired YOU to serve Him with passion, focus, and intensity. (Nehemiah 1)"

(Sidenote: Anyone else notice when God's trying to tell you something suddenly it's everywhere? Yeah, me too.)

So this is how I deal with the haunting question.
Be grieved, and also act.
And know that grief that leads to service isn't grief at all but a gift from God and could be just what someone is waiting for. 

It was a great study. Highly recommend.

Also highly recommend babies.