Friday, March 15, 2013

bonus day. common grace.

My alarm went off. I snoozed twice, a common practice for me. The third sound I heard this morning was my phone ringing. The caller ID tells me it's JPS. Yes! The night charge nurse tells me to stay home until they call to say they need me, but our census is low so they probably won't .

Oh yes! Bonus day.

Please don't misunderstand. I love my job. I love the sweet girls I work with and the patients that teach me what nursing really means.

But I also love my family and a chance to hang with them on this beautiful day... I'll take it.

 So today we take advantage of bonus day. And give thanks.

 We recognize common grace.

The magnificent weather. The soft old quilt. Baby squeals. Good books.

Every good gift is from God through Jesus and undeserved.
If I look intently, I can see that everything is a gift. Common grace.

Even Evangeline feels common grace as she giggles gleefully, the Texas wind blowing warm air her way. We hope to teach her to see it. To know it. 

And this view... common grace for sure ;) 

The book we're reading is The Jesus Storybook Bible. A gift from Honey, and so so good.
Also, if you're interested, Ann Voskamp has a beautiful blog, book, and devotional about counting gifts and giving thanks.
Want to know more about common grace, go here.
Side Note: Public safety announcement from the McPasties: wear sunscreen.
The End.



Hannah Crain said...

Great blog post! - brian

Hannah Crain said...

I was gonna say the same! -vanny's hannie

Emily B said...

Great post, little Vanny is super adorable!

Leslie Young said...

Love every sweet word and picture. And thought. And, please, those little shorts? Ah. Love you! Mom

Alissa Burns said...

Loved it :) love the pics!