Monday, October 21, 2013

our motto.

My house: A toy hurricane has hit, the devastation is widespread.
This girl: A dancin' machine.

Let me be real: a lot of things are usually in total disarray 'round these parts. Our motto is,

"Yeah, but that baby though"

(based on this ridiculous vine video you may need to watch it a few times to fully appreciate the genius)

At the end of the day, I really do not care if there are dirty dishes, dust bunnies, unmade beds... Because God has given us this sweet gift, who is totally thriving! And what I want is to never miss a dance party opportunity and more "giggle-till-you-poot" moments.

Fo' real... YOLO. (I can't believe I just typed that.... oh well)

I read in my quiet time today about the importance of surrendering everything to God, even when we feel like we have nothing to give. (See 1 Kings 17:8-16)

For me, it's hours in the day; there are never enough. For the past several weeks I have been hoarding them, and stingy with my time with God. What a terrible idea.

When I do surrender my time to God, things that are important are in focus. And then, joy and peace are easily found.

I am working on this. And this silly little mantra helps remind me to surrender to Him and to focus on Him and the things that matter the most.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Seven years ago today Joe asked me to "officially" be his girlfriend. Can I just say, I am so glad he stuck with me this whole time.

(approximately October 13, 2006. He had me at, "*hair-swish* Hey I'm Joe")

 One year ago today was Evangeline's due date: so happy she came 9 days early.

 (approximately October 13, 2012)

October 13th is a cool day for our family.

(how cute is baby girl in her Little-Hip-Squeaks headband?!)

Please just let it be known: I intensely dislike this princess stroller.
However, I am out-of-control crazy about these two people!

I am so thankful for them. God knew better than to trust me with Joseph and Evangeline, but he did anyway... what a guy!

My hope is to love Him by the way I love and serve them. 
My prayer is that others see how I love them and praise Him.

Without Jesus, I wouldn't know how to love Joe and Vanny perfectly. 
I could feel the "warm-squishies" when things are sweet and smooth (note: with these two a fence-post could feel warm-squishies) but when things get real- it is because Jesus loves me that I can love them. 
He showed me how.

In no way do I intend to suggest that I am great at this all the time. Absolutely not. 
But Jesus makes me want to be great and I'll never give up. 

Friday, October 11, 2013


My little tiny baby is a year old. I'm kind of a basket case about it.
This small girl has taught me so much in these last twelve months.
The most recent lesson was one of the sweetest.

Evangeline is learning to walk, and getting pretty good at it. However, there is no shortage of tumbles and head bumps around our place.
She falls, we smile at her, and say (in an unnaturally high pitch), "You ok, you ok, you ok. You fine, you fine, you fine."

And then we wait, will she buy it or will she cry?

 I'd say we're about 50/50.

What I have noticed is that when she's cranky, sleepy, hungry, and we're across the room- even the smallest of spills leads to tears for sure.

But, when she is having fun, we're near and all laughing... she bumps her head and it's like she doesn't even notice. She may even laugh at the slap-stick comedy of the situation (impeccable sense of humor she has, that girl).

Then I realized, I'm like that too. When I'm disconnected from my Father, his Word, and biblical community: the smallest of "bumps" are enough to totally derail me. And the meltdown train stops at apartment 276.

But when I am connected and close to my Father, I'm able to seek joy in the everyday. And then I can handle difficult or uncomfortable things, because I trust God to handle it.

Vanny reminded me of the importance of seeking joy. It can make you invincible.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

a good read.

This letter. Slightly strange, utterly beautiful. Like many things I'm drawn to.

Read: advice for my daughter

Sunday, June 16, 2013

sunday shenanigans. (father's day edition)

Happy Father's day to all the really wonderful dudes in our lives.  

Biff: Thank you for raising my Joe to be the wise and silly man that he is and for treating me like your own. 

Jesse: I want to be the Jess that you see. 
(Admittedly, I stole that line from Mary Crowley, but I couldn't mean it more)

Joseph: I always knew you could dominate fatherhood, and you have not disappointed in the least. It is so much fun seeing you "daddy-ing" Evangeline, she is such a lucky girl. I am too.

Papa: I love how proud you are of me and (even more so) Evangeline! We feel so loved by you!

Daddy Ray: I love that you don't mind being silly to try to coax a baby laugh and I love how much you love us!

Seriously, we hit the daddy mother-load in this clan and we could not be more thankful! Here's to you guys!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I'll take from Texas.

Texas... everything is bigger there. Did you know that?

Actually I didn't find that to be totally true, but there are more rhinestones on jeans there. But that's neither here nor there.

The point is, this big 'ole state will always have a place in my heart.

I got my first job as a nurse in Texas.
On my first day the CEO gave a really great speech to a room full of nervous/excited county hospital new-hires.
Like a good Baptist preacher, he had three points:

     -own it
     -seek joy
     -don't be a jerk

Now, that's good theology.
That speech has attached itself to me and influenced the way I view my job, and my calling.

But, even more than the speech, the women I got to work beside; they made me who I am today. They showed me what nursing really is, not just attending physical needs, but emotional and spiritual. Not just following orders, but really advocating, asking questions, and using creativity in care. I am so endlessly thankful for my time with them. So thankful.

My patients taught me too. They reminded me what is truly important and what's not.
They reminded me that, no matter what the circumstances, Jesus has not forgotten about them. Not a single one of them.
So thankful.

I met Evangeline Lee in Texas.
She will always be my Texas baby, "my bright Texas rose..." (as my dad calls her in a song he wrote). We found out about her, met her, brought her home, sang to her, rocked her, and she learned to crawl in Texas. I will cherish these memories.

I fell more in love with Joe in Texas.
Joe Handy is a rockstar. He is patient, enduring my stories from work, my cooking failures, my emotions, I could go on and on. He is kind, and leads me with a quiet confidence that is easy to trust. He trusts me, he encourages me, he is slow to anger, he is hilarious, and I love who I am when I'm with him. So thankful for my boo.

Texas was Joe's idea. Sometimes I joke that he tricked me, but truly, I am so thankful for our time spent in the lone star state. Bedazzled behinds and all.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the McPasties go to the beach!

Two goals for our weekend in Orange Beach:

   1. Relax.
   2. Wear sufficient sunscreen to come back almost as pale as we left.

Mission: accomplished.

Vanny-girl loved the sand! After only a few minutes of confusion she did not seem to mind having it in every crevice.

The ocean itself was another story. She was not a big fan.

She is, however, a big fan of her daddy. I am too.

I have to admit, I really enjoyed the tight snuggles that came when we got close to the waves.

Playing around in the condo was fun.

New things to pull up on... things to chew on.

That little wrist-crease tan line slays me.

Lessons learned from our 3 day beach trip with an 8 month old:

1. Slather on the sunscreen. So thankful to not be nursing sunburns!
2. Cute hats are a necessity.
3. Only be out for a couple hours at a time to preserve baby happiness and mommy/daddy sanity.
4. Kiddie pool filled with ocean water = money.
5. Daily naps for everyone.
6. Eating sand is ok.

I'm a total faker, if you know me at all, the fact that my mouth is not wide open would tip you off immediately.

So thankful for vacations and this sweet family.