Monday, April 5, 2010


The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur, but with the advent of spring break came a lovely feeling of calm that I think will be just what I need to finish strong in my last spring semester.

Now, brace yourself for a long conglomeration-type post!

My first time as a real hostess of a shower was last weekend for my lovely bestie!! Thanks to a few wonderful friends and my Mamma-D everything went off without a hitch and the little bride got some really cool stuff! Also thanks to God for the incredible job on the weather that day, seriously I think it was one of His best ever!

Easter was a wonderful day of church and family time in the afternoon. I love these cousins!

This spring break I've rediscovered my love for tennis, and the smell of new tennis balls!!! here's joe and I before and after a game. Have I mentioned how wonderful the weather has been?!?!

Yesterday I got to spend a whole afternoon (and into the night) with my lovely little bride to be, and I must say wedding errands are super fun, especially when they're not for you!

Today I study and shop with my mamma!
This is a wonderful break.
Thanks for being interested in my life.

In parting, if I were you I would by this song on iTunes.
Kris Allen: Alright With Me. It will make you happy.

P.S. If anyone else wanted to know what a leek is, like I did, here it is.

to learn more clike here

Now, go outside and get you some good ole vitamin D!


HANNAH said...

i thoroughly enjoyed this post.
Also that's what i thought a leek looked like, i'll try to remember that other weird vegetable and blog about it. lol.

one day i drew a picture for SBJ (i think it was SBJ) of what I thought a leek looked like in my notebook at church, i will also post if i find this picture. lol

yo teef look grown.

leslie said...

What an adorable post! I love the new design, too! Love you! I like yo dress.

leslie said...

Hey, is Kris Allen likely to show up on my spring random wonderful cd? yummy!