Saturday, August 22, 2009

a real saturday

today was perfect.

this is the first day I can remember having in a long while when I had absolutely nowhere to be. no obligations. it was fantastic.

I slept in then did some leisurely house work, purchased a new book and Joe and I went on our first date as a married couple.

this whole week has been a great last week of summer. all the girls wore their tie-dyed shirts we made a girls night to church wednesday and we cleaned out the youth room so that monday they can start the renovations. Exciting times! we also celebrated Ruth Ann's birthday this week. any excuse to hangout with them is always so fun. traveled to Deridder yesterday where Joe did a wonderful job at the youth rally, then got to hang out with some of our favorite people that night.

God has been blessing Joe and I so much these past few weeks. something will happen and we just look at each other and know more and more every day just how big and faithful a God we serve.

we are blessed.


Bec said...

I love reading about all the great things the Lord is doing in your life, Jess. It is truly a blessing to serve a God as big as He is. I mean, what a PRIVILEGE, you know? And His blessings are too good. :)

Love you so much, Jessica Lee Young Handy. hehe

Leslie Young said...

Caption for last picture of Olivia:
"It's my party!"