Saturday, August 22, 2009

a real saturday

today was perfect.

this is the first day I can remember having in a long while when I had absolutely nowhere to be. no obligations. it was fantastic.

I slept in then did some leisurely house work, purchased a new book and Joe and I went on our first date as a married couple.

this whole week has been a great last week of summer. all the girls wore their tie-dyed shirts we made a girls night to church wednesday and we cleaned out the youth room so that monday they can start the renovations. Exciting times! we also celebrated Ruth Ann's birthday this week. any excuse to hangout with them is always so fun. traveled to Deridder yesterday where Joe did a wonderful job at the youth rally, then got to hang out with some of our favorite people that night.

God has been blessing Joe and I so much these past few weeks. something will happen and we just look at each other and know more and more every day just how big and faithful a God we serve.

we are blessed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

button bracelets...

Friday afternoon I embarked on a journey to the town of Crowville to retrieve 9 of our youth girls and bring them to my 787 square foot apartment for the night.... I had tons of activities planned, decorated my house, and was super excited... but I was also very nervous... As it turned out there was nothing for me to be nervous about! These girls were SO MUCH FUN!
I consider myself to have a fair amount of knowledge about girls and the way they interact with each other considering I've been one for my whole life, but I have to say that these girls are different... in the best way! They enjoy being around each other, they are not clique-y in the least, they like to serve each other, and I really believe they all genuinely care about one another. They encouraged me. I am confident they will continue to encourage me. I love them so much and feel so thankful that have been given the chance to get to know all of them!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Before Joe and I started dating he promised he would one day take me to see an Emery concert and last weekend we finally got to go and it was fantastic! I can't wait for another even if I do have to wait 3 more years!! Anyone can have fun at an Emery show even if they're not your favorite kind of music! They put on a great show. period. go see them.

Here are a couple pics from our most recent babysitting endeavor! I just love being this little girl's aunt and can't wait for her little brother to get here!!! However, I am concerned that I will not be very good at disciplan if my own child is half this cute!!

a self-portrait...

Here she decided to play with things in my purse and I couldn't say no! Notice she's wearing my bracelet and headband, using my chapstick and writing down some important information on an old reciept, it might have been something I needed to keep but when she asked all I could say was yes! This kid knows how to play me.... I'm not too proud to admit it, and really, I don't mind!

Olivia just loves Uncle Joe!!! He can say anything and she cracks up!! It is the cutest thing!

hmmm... what else....

well, married life is just wonderful! My favorite things for the moment are deep talks when we should be trying to go to sleep, or on the way home from crowville. Mostly about mysteries of the universe and how we don't understand anything but that really doesn't matter, we just have to be faithful. It's so great to have someone to encourage you and to try and figure stuff out with and to not just be alone with your thoughts. That's just my favorite thing for now....

On our drives home from Crowville Sunday nights, we're usually heading home right at sunset and there is almost always a beautiful scene... here's the one from last Sunday

I am just so excited about what God is doing at FBC Crowville! and I'm so happy that I get to be a part of it. In a few weeks we'll have a renovated youth room and a new program to launch... 'The Movement'.... It's so exciting and is going to be so cool. There is just nothing else I'd rather be doing than loving those kids and watching them grow. So exciting... did I say that already? Here's the theme banner....

so exciting! and I'm really not exaggerating!

All of a suddent today I got kind of ready to go back to school which is weird... because lately I've been very NOT excited about school in general, but today I think I'm ready. Or maybe I just want some new school clothes and school supplies.... either way, the dread has lessened as of today ;)

My Haiti friends get home today! Can't wait to here there stories and go on a sno cone date with Bec! I'm super pumped about lunch with Win tomorrow and then Church planning meeting then BR/NO with my fam and Crowville girls night next weekend!!! I'm trying to cram all I can into these last weeks of summer...

thanks for reading this very long and random post! i love you all!