Friday, December 12, 2008

old men...

are awkward... They just say weird things and that's all there is to it. I guess the setting of "church christmas party right after you get engaged" could have contributed to the rather large number of times I had to do the: "nod/laugh/smile and maybe they'll think you know what they're talking about" thing... but there was free food there and so what if old men seem strange, they're wives can cook!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm getting MARRIED!!

Only 187 more days!!

here's the story:
Back in October of 2006, Joe and I went on a couple of first dates… one to the levee to watch the stars, were we talked all night and another with some friends to a train bridge, where we technically trespassed…. But it was really fun, and the bridge was our “actual” first date.
So on Friday we were going on a date just to the levee… or so I thought…
We got to the levee and had been there about 10 minutes and the following conversation takes place:
JOE: “Jess, have you ever heard Madison (Joe’s bff) rap?”
JESS: “um, no.”
JOE: “I have a recording of it and I want you to hear it… aw man I left my recorder at the bridge”
JESS: “Well, lets go get it!”
JOE: “Ok we’ll be spontaneous and go get it”

At this point I am completely believing the story and remain totally oblivious…

We get to the bridge, Joe pulls his recorder out of his pocket and puts it on the ground when I wasn’t looking then said, “hey I found it.”
I walk over to where he is and he says, “So it’s actually not Madison on this recorder…”
He pressed play and it was our song…. At this point I think I finally realized what was about to happen, Joe said some more really sweet things, that I can’t quite remember, and the next thing I know he got down on one knee, and I think I said, “YEAH!!”

I was completely shocked and oh so excited!! So much so that a few seconds later Joe had to say, “So, do you want to put the ring on?” I did, I loved it, and it fit perfectly!
Then Joe says, “now, no one knows about this and I have one more surprise, so lets wait to call people for just a minute.” He then blind folded me, and we drove to his sister’s house where he had planned a surprise engagement party! Our family and roommates were all there, and the night could not have been more perfect!!

June 13, 2009 is the big day! Everyone save the date!