Thursday, September 25, 2008

Straw paper is more important than you think...

This past weekend I spent a wonderful couple of days with some cool friends and my family in BR. On saturday a bunch of kids from the BCM went out to do some hurricane relief work. Jenn, Hannah and I went to help clean up some sticks with these two men (we called them Brian and Joe in 50 years). They were so fun, and so strong in the Lord... and they were by no means young bucks, but they sure could run a chain saw!!  oh, and I made a sweet new friend named Marty!! 

Sunday I went to a Jazz brunch (fancy huh?!) with my lovely grandparents, Mikey, and Bec. Then Sunday night we went to eat at P.F. Changs... it was GREAT.... if you don't mind a semi-creepy dude coming by every 10 minutes or so to pick up your straw paper... and nothing else.... It was one of the strangest things I've ever seen..... He really did walk by 3 times and just pick up straw paper... not empty sugar packets, not used dishes... He was a one type of trash man... but I do need to say, he did a good job. After the second time he came by we found another straw and purposefully put the paper in the middle of the table and sure enough, he came and got that thing!! There was much laughter... My dad says he feels like a bandit when we all get to spend time together... I do too... We love each other... I am gushing and I'll stop now... I mean it though. 

I also got some really really great news this morning... I not sure I can talk about it here.... but just let me say that the Lord is so faithful... He never fails us.... NEVER! 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

i love...

FALL!! the CD by Jon Foreman, and the season by God. I've decided 78 degrees is my favorite temperature. I think today has been the prettiest all year. I am so thankful to God for this.

"Oh the Glory of it all is: he came here For the rescue of us all that we may live"

Monday, September 1, 2008


Today Gustav came. My family still had a good bit of corn left in the field that was ready to pick, so we ran late last night and started early this morning. Our friends the Carroll's and Moroni's came to help us today and we got a lot of it picked before getting rained out. I know that today many people were worried about their homes and families, so I say this cautiously, but today was cool to me. It was cool to see so many folks willing to help us, and everyone pulling together. I'm praying for all my south Louisiana friends and I hope that they will be able to see something cool and good come from the storm like I have.

on a much lighter note: this is what your hair looks like after running around outside in a hurricane

and I don't mind being stuck inside sometimes... especially when little bear is home!
I'm so happy that God is in control and not me. He's good all the time.