Monday, June 2, 2008

somewhat of a slow day...

so, how about a video! This is where we are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Hermon clinic.

(note* 1 limpira is about 6 cents)


Leslie Young said...

A couple of things: Your affection for the crackers makes me worry you're not eating right; I loved the poster of Finland in the Honduran clinic; and I was so glad to see the sweet doctor and nurse you love so much! And it's not nice to make fun of mountain men, girls! Shame! Great to see you both looking so great! Love you!

Hannah B said...

I really enjoyed the tour! And laughed out loud at yall! :) I like how the doctor replied hi to your hola. And how much does that spanish money word equal in dollars? Pretty crackers are better than ugly ones i suppose. I'm glad you liked my polaroids...haha...and I thought that 'marley the chinese water dragon' was too funny not to share. Apparently you can buy chinese water dragons at pets mart. nice to know in case you ever need one. they eat love bugs & strawberries...she was very informative.

Hi Mrs. Leslie!
I'm glad you are a blog stalker! I enjoy your comments & sweet encouragement. I am really glad to be friends with your daughter and son b/c they are awesome peeps! :) As you already know! ;) You are also quite an amazing lady yourself! And so is Mr. Jesse except he'd be an amazing guy not lady! LOL. Love yall Young family!

Christin said...

thanks for the tour girls!

jess your reinactment of the "mountain man's" name was too funny!

I'm so glad to see you both making the best out of slow days! and enjoying time together & with the doctor & Thelma!

Keep up the great work...and keep the vidoes coming! i miss your faces!

bamp said...

You know, sweetheart, I think you've inherited some of your mom's storytelling ability. I love reading your blogs...and watching the vids.

I'm happy you're having such a positive experience but....I can't wait to get you back home. Hey, I'm a grandma..I can worry if I want to. Love ya with all my heart. Bamp

bec said...

Thanks for the tour!

: )

Susan Williams said...

Love the tour!
Pretty crackers! You know.... the word Ritz means ostentatious or pretentious display.... so pretty crackers really sound much nicer to be around than Ritz crackers do.