Sunday, June 15, 2008


A mountain top experience... Literally!

Today we went to the village of Panes (pronounced pon-nes). Jennifer and Osmany have been serving there for the past 3 years. They are making plans right now to build a church there. How exciting!

We haven't been able to go there until today, and if I'm honest, I wasn't too excited about going. The prospect of sitting in Spanish church didn't do it for me! Jess also told me how beautiful the drive was, and all I can thing is "yeah, yeah more mountains... great." We also stopped to pick up some 'thugs' I would call them, but I guess every man in Honduras just carries a machete... still this did not excite me... So needless to say I wasn't going into this with a great attitude.


Let me just say, God can knock you off you're feet, when you get like that... and fast. Literally, I had been there for maybe 5 minutes, when one of the little boys kicked a soccer ball at me and I ran to get it and tripped on a rock... and fell in the dirt... I really fell. No injuries, except my pride. I got up and realized Osmany was just going to meet with the town leaders and Jess and I were going to play with kids... Still a little skeptical, I stood over to the side for a little while, and soon found myself surrounded by 9 little girls throwing a frisbee, which I am not good at, but it was really fun, and they laughed at me... I didn't mind! These we some of the most cheerful girls I had seen in any village, with the exception of one. Clara, was her name. She quietly walked over to us as we were playing and just stood to the side. She played a little, then just stood. She was probably 7 years old, but I just couldn't help but wonder what she had seen or been through that would cause her to not be happy and playful like these other girls. I can't really explain the effect meeting this little girl had on me, I just thought about her a lot on the drive home, which was one of the most beautiful scenes I've seen here and, in my life, for that matter. I didn't take many pictures, which is kind of fitting, because I'm not sure it would do it justice. God just never ceases to amaze me.

Also on the way home we stopped to visit the family of a little boy named Lucas. He was in a wheel chair and had some severe medical problems, but his, and the whole family's sweet spirit spoke louder than any of the words they were saying that I could not understand. I have so much, and have been so richly blessed... and I think too often I thank God for the things he has given me and the blessings, when I should just praise Him for who He is.

Here are just a few pictures...

Where we played frisbee

The beautiful drive home

The girls I played with all morning...

Sweet, beautiful girls

This was my favorite place by far...


Christin said...

sweet update! God is so Good! thanks for sharing your humble experience & your honesty! I'm so glad you were able to experience such Beauty & Grace today!

Praying... :)

Hannah B said...

i really admire your faithful blogging!
i'm glad i can know about your journey all along the way.

what a wonderful day! you obviously have a teachable spirit! i really love the pics! and i like after all was your favorite place by far! :) how unpredictable is He!!! :)

i know that the Lord will lead & guide & surprise you this week just like all the days before! :) how exciting!?

also--CONGRATS on being an 'official' nursing student!!! And graduating in 2010? yeah!

PS. I really really loved my representative piece of paper in the frolicing picture! i know it would've been a great day to frolic! we can frolic soon! we will have to hang out before CC!

Leslie Young said...

I'm sorry about your 'fall.' Looks like you inherited my allergies, my booty, my storytelling ability AND my natural physical grace! Thank you, Jesus, your grace extends far beyond the physical and penetrates our stubborn hearts! I also appreciate the honesty in your account of the day. I'm proud of you and praying for continued surprises!

bec said...

aw, Jess, I love this. thanks for sharing.
love you so much!

Susan Williams said...

Wow.... the memories you're making!