Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my first goodbye...

Today was our first actual busy day at Hermon! Steady patients from 8-12. I gave 3 more shots, and Jess gave a couple too, including one to a, quite literally, kicking and screaming kid, who was eventually appeased with a monkey sticker.. Thank God for those!

Tomorrow we leave for Copan so today was our last clinic day for the week. Next week, my last week, the Doctor we love will be on Vacation, so I had to say goodbye to him today. It was a lot harder than I thought! It's strange how attached you can become before you even know it! He thanked us for all of our help, but he was the one who taught us so much!! He is an extremely hard worker and he really cares about his patients. I respect him so much. He also speaks pretty good English and has quite the sense of humor... We took the following picture today and Jess made the remark, "I look like a giant" (which, she doesn't!!) and the Doctor said something like, "no, you're just in the land of smurfs!" What sweet people these are. I love them!

After returning home I was feeling a little sentimental, so I started looking through some of my pictures. I just realized what amazing people are part of my life and I am so thankful... I forget too easily just how truly blessed I am, or maybe it takes being away to realize just how good you have it! To prove it here are is a very small sample of the people I love and miss very much!!

My sweet family:

My crazy/fun/wonderful roomies and friends:

and Mr. Joseph Handy himself!

I am a lucky girl!
God is good.


Leslie Young said...

Sweet! I'm so glad you got to work with such wonderful people! I'm sure you'll enjoy meeting and working with some new folks for your last week! Hope you have fun at Copan!

Christin said...

i hope you girls have a blast at Copan enjoying the Lord's beautiful scenery! Praying for your trip!

Leslie Young said...

Got an interesting letter today:

(Well, it was addressed to you, but I thought you'd want me to open it)

"This is to inform you that you have been accepted for admission to the professional program of the School of Nursing effective Monday, August 18, 2008."

Congratulations, Sweetie!

Leslie Young said...

Kasey called (very excited!) because she also got her nursing school letter and wanted to make sure you got yours! Exciting times!

bec said...

aw, this is a special comment page... I feel unworthy. lol.

I hope you guys have a great time in Copan, and I told Jess I can't wait to see pics, so take BUNCHES! I love you so much, and CONGRATS!

: )

Susan Williams said...

I heard the water park was awesome... hehehe.... we have one of those in Wisner too... it's in the Caldwell's backyard!

Kasey said...

YAY for nursing school comments!! I'm officially SO ready for you to come home little squirrel! Enjoy your last few days!! I miss you!!