Saturday, June 7, 2008

just as promised...

here is a video of the music from the 'stinkin church' as Jess calls it... and a couple of other videos from the past few days.

This was friday at Hermon, another great day!

Friday afternoon we got restless and decided to go into town to look for some tamales and mango from a roadside vendor... Well, approximately 5 seconds after we walked out of the house it started to rain... We kept walking anyway, just a bit faster. As we got closer to town the rain started to come down harder so we ducked into the grocery store to wait out the rain, and the following is a result of our need to kill time while there. (and just to explain why our hair looks so greasy, it was wet! and we couldn't find any tamales, but we did get some mango and tortillas)

I talked to Joe tonight (man, have I missed that boy!!) and Kasey and Kelli too, as we speak they are on a bus to Monroe, and they all sounded great! Thanks to everyone who has been praying!


Christin said...

i get so happy to see videos my friends!

man, we are so missing out on all the cool stuff the Honduras supermarket has to offer! i mean come on, Nivea deodorant & belly dancing lessons! i think i need to move there just for the supermarket! but seriously, Nivea deodorant is pretty neat stuff!

okay, so I'm praying, praying for your time there! Enjoy every second of it! mucho love!

Leslie Young said...

Okay, so I actually looked at this post several times, but I couldn't think of anything to say. I mean, where to start? Belly dancing dvd's in cereal boxes? Loud stinkin' church music? I DID enjoy all of it, though! And I really love YOU!

Anonymous said...

i loved the random, very random grocery store video! hahahaha