Friday, June 27, 2008

juat a little something

So, I leave today with my sweet friend Hannah to head to Lake Charles to be reunited with the lovely SBJ (extreme excitement) and we'll return on Sunday afternoon, just in time for my Sunday night report at church. So, I was forced to have this slide show complete 3 days early!! And here it is. There *may also be a video coming soon... we'll see about that.


Jessica Williamson said...

great job on the slide show jess! it brought tears to my eyes... may we never forget how GOOD a GOD we serve! i feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to serve alongside you this summer.. thanks for all of the laughs and memories! UNFORGETTABLE! i love you oh so much and i miss you more than you will know! See you soon!

bec said...

It looks beautiful!
and also, great tune choice!

love you

Christin said...

FANTASTIC slideshow Jess! it was so amazing to see and hear all about how the Lord used you there...and is continuing to use you here! love you!