Saturday, June 14, 2008

Honduran road trip!

This has been a weekend filled with fun and relaxation. We left early Thursday morning for Copan, Honduras, where the largest Mayan Indian settlement is found. Visiting the Mayan ruins was so fun and Copan was a beautiful city, but the part I enjoyed the most was hanging out with a few of my favorite people!

On the way, bright and early!

To pass the time on the drive we took lots of pictures!

...and lots of naps!

...and got to look at some really beautiful scenery!

When we arrived in Copan that evening we just walked around the town a bit and then went out to eat that night... All the streets of Copan are cobble stone and so cool!

Rebeca can be a bit moody at times, so we had a saying for the trip: "In Copan, we do what Bec says!" and she said to put our fingers in our ears, so we did of course!

She's also not so fond of shoes, I'm not sure I know a 3 year old who is, but the ground was a bit though on her feet, so I let her borrow mine... I wasn't sure I would ever get them back, and honestly, I probably would not have minded... I'm a sucker for her, that's for sure!

Me and Jess at the ruins, it was a perfect day!

I'm not exactly sure what this is a picture of, but I think it's like the main arena where they had all of the sporting events.

Another View, with the 'hermosa' (beautiful) mountains in the background

We thought the ruin man looked a little sad, se we decided to try and cheer him up ; )

Summer siblings...

The ruins had beautiful grass lawns, perfect for frolicking- so I brought Hannah along (represented by the piece of paper)

more ruins, and such a beautiful day!

This reminded me of gladiator... 5 people stood on each of the slanted parts and threw a large stone ball from side to side, If they hit one of the stone heads, a member of the other team had to be sacrificed... Yikes!

We like to play!

The following are yet another attempt to take some cool jumping pictures and the reason why Jess and I have sore legs and booties today...


My amazing family for the summer: Osmany, Jenn, Becita, and Me

After the ruins we did some shopping and went out to eat again, really yummy Honduran food... I think I'm addicted to it! We left Copan this morning and headed to the airport to pick up two sweet girls, Jamie and Sarah, who will be staying with us this week, my LAST week! We'll still be working in the clinic in the mornings and then helping them with a VBS in the afternoons. It should be a fun last week.

I miss everyone so so much and I will be home so soon, I can feel it! These past few weeks have absolutely flown by. I have learned, experienced, and been exposed to so much, and the God of the universe has taught me more than I ever expected, and held me close. I'm sure my explanations will never do it justice!


Leslie Young said...

Yay! A new post! Rebecca and I have been checking back & forth between blogs all day hoping for an update -- and rewatching video favorites! What beautiful pictures of an interesting place. One week?!? I can't wait! Have a wonderful last week!

bec said...

wow- BEAUTIFUL and fun pictures. I'm particularly fond of the one of Rebeca sleeping on Jess in the car, and the one of you and Bec peeking! hehe.. Looks like a great trip!

I miss you too! Can't wait to see you soon, but praying you have a GREAT last week! I love you

Christin said...

the pics of you & Becita are just so precious! i know she just adores you! I'm praying for your last week, that you wouldnt think of it as your last week, but truly engulf yourself in the Lord's work there. I am so thankful for your serving heart this summer and you have been such a blessing to not only the people there, but here also! Keep allowing His light to shine through you. i can't wait to hear how the clinic & vbs goes this week! and maybe an introductory video of the new girls?!? haha! love you!