Wednesday, June 4, 2008

an exciting day!

Another great day at Hermon Clinic. The video says it all, but in case you can't tell (because I said it in an excited voice) I got to give my first shot today! It was to a 15 year old boy, who was probably mortified to have to show his butt to two cute American girls, but I think he will feel better later and be glad... hopefully! All the rest is included in the video... Enjoy! And thanks again, like always, for all the wonderful comments and for your prayers!
I love you guys!
(p.s. the jackhammer-like noise in the background at the beginning of the video is most likely, not a jackhammer at all, but actually a taxi... most likely, also, I'm not sure why the video shows up with that white screen at first, but it still works, just click play)

We also walk by this house every day and I think of Mike every time... the sign says "We make pants, and we sew"
I apologize, because this really will not make sense to anyone except Mike...


Leslie Young said...

Yay! Your first shot! I love the burrito story too -- you are your mother's daughter! (except I would have tripped while walking and videotaping!) And I can't wait until Mike gets home to show him the pantalones sign! Praying for a great day at the mobile clinic tomorrow! Love you, love you!

Christin said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st IM injection!!! i have to admit, I'm kind of jealous bc i haven't gotten to do one yet! (don't worry though, i will repent of my jealousy tonight hehe!) but I am proud of you & I'm so glad you are learning nursing skills there to improve the little Nurse in you!

lovely to see your beautiful faces and thanks again for bringing us along your walk home!

praying for your day tomorrow!

Susan Williams said...

You need to learn to say "wiggle your toes" in spanish. I had a nurse when I was little who would tell me to wiggle my toes when she gave me a shot.... it's nearly impossible to tense up if you're wiggling your toes.

I love the burrito story.... food is always foremost on my mind too!

Keep the videos coming.... I love getting to work in the morning & checking your blog!