Thursday, June 19, 2008

electricidad... NADA!

I am writing this from the hospital cafeteria to inform you that our house lost electricity... so this will be a short post... if you want to know more about this situation read JESS´S BLOG

We had a great last day at El Por Venir with a new cute little lady nurse who still wears one of those little hats that looks like this.

She taught us a lot and let us do everything! I gave more shots than I could count today, and fell in love with a little boy named Christopher. He had to have 3 shots bless his heart, and I got to hold his hand and try to distract him by making a fool of myself... but I loved it! I think I discovered today that I am really going to enjoy pediatrics!

We leave for Lake Yajoa (pronounced ja-hoa) in the morning and then I fly on saturday! My next post will most likely be from the states!!!


Christin said...

praying for your last 2 days there Jess! i hope they are extremely blessed! ;) can't wait to see you soon! love you!

Leslie Young said...

Uno dodo! (Don't you love my Spanish/French combo? I guess it's Spanch...or Frenish?)
Love You! Can't Wait! Praying!

Jessica Williamson said...

we are missing you here already!!! im pretty sure that rebeca has told me 15 times since we left the airport.. "i miss jess"! i know that your reunion with your family will be fabulous! te amo moi!

bec said...

so, Jess, how has your past week in the states been?
I think it's time for an update!!!!

: )