Monday, June 30, 2008


Some dang Canadian kids stole my heart!!

Just look at them! They really are adorable inside and out! I love them so much! So, I guess needless to say I had a great time in Canada!

This is kinda old news but I wanted to tell you guys, sweet Hannah and I went to Lake Charles weekend before last to meet up with the beautiful SBJ. We had a garage sale to raise money to get some things for a few of the people we met on our trip to Honduras. With about 10 garbage bags of junk and a couple hours we made $500!!! It was so much fun and the Lord really blessed us! We also met this really sweet lady who had a lot of Spanish/English teaching materials she wanted to give us when she found out what we were doing. We were planning on trying to purchase some stuff like that anyway, but we weren't sure we would be able to find any, or how expensive it would be. So we were so pumped that she GAVE us 3 boxes FULL of really good stuff. Maybe the best part was just how happy she was to give it to us. God does such cool stuff.

Hannah took some pictures, and she might put some up on her blog if you want to check it out just click here.

Friday, June 27, 2008

juat a little something

So, I leave today with my sweet friend Hannah to head to Lake Charles to be reunited with the lovely SBJ (extreme excitement) and we'll return on Sunday afternoon, just in time for my Sunday night report at church. So, I was forced to have this slide show complete 3 days early!! And here it is. There *may also be a video coming soon... we'll see about that.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

oh, hello!

I'm home! This past week has been just wonderful running around, getting some nursing school and new apartment stuff done, and spending some time with the ones I love most! I miss the slower pace of Honduras, and the people there, but I can't lie, it is great to be home! I'll be giving a report this Sunday night at my church, FBC Wisner. I will also keep blogging some follow up/recap stuff, and some other stuff.. just about life in general.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! I love you so!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

electricidad... NADA!

I am writing this from the hospital cafeteria to inform you that our house lost electricity... so this will be a short post... if you want to know more about this situation read JESS´S BLOG

We had a great last day at El Por Venir with a new cute little lady nurse who still wears one of those little hats that looks like this.

She taught us a lot and let us do everything! I gave more shots than I could count today, and fell in love with a little boy named Christopher. He had to have 3 shots bless his heart, and I got to hold his hand and try to distract him by making a fool of myself... but I loved it! I think I discovered today that I am really going to enjoy pediatrics!

We leave for Lake Yajoa (pronounced ja-hoa) in the morning and then I fly on saturday! My next post will most likely be from the states!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

snotty doctor...

Here is a video we made on Tuesday, slightly late due to technical difficulties...
Let me just say, I love inside jokes, and I've decided to let you guys in on one. Youtube is an amazing invention, with lots of laughter to be found there.. the first of the two videos, I did not make, but it is a family favorite (as in we quote it VERY often). The second I made while thinking of this first video, in hopes of making my family laugh... enjoy!

now my version with a little update...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We had a lot of it today...
It was our last day with the mobile clinic and we were there from 7-3. It was our longest day, but really fun.... We got done around 11 or 12 but the dentist had more patients, so there was a lot of sitting and talking and joking, and not that I could understand any of it, but when other people laugh, I laugh too... regardless of language.

Then I had a kind of surreal moment on the way home...
I'm in Central America, sitting in this beast of an 'ambulance', white knuckles on the seat in front of me because of the crazy, but trustworthy, man with a sideways straw hat on, who just referred to himself as Jack Sparrow... Jon Foreman, Anberlin, and Backstreet Boys playing on my iPod... sitting beside a hott lady dentist and across from snotty/sometimes grateful/money-taker lady, Rosalee, and Jess, who has been such an amazing friend through all of this... all the while only a second away from a mild heart attack, and in complete awe of the amazing scenery around me God crafted with his own hands... plus there are about 50 bananas in the seat beside me...

How can I not praise the Lord? He has brought me to the strangest places and situations and given me this peace that is absolutely inexplicable, and shown me so much and taught me so much and loved me so much... My descriptions will never do these past weeks justice, I can't say that enough, and I can't say enough about Him... I just can't.

It's weird that I will be home in 4 days... I have been so happy during my time here and I'm excited about the next four days... but I love me some Wisner/Monroe Louisiana, and I'll be positively jubilant to be home.

"Laugh at yourself, but don't ever aim your doubt at yourself. Be bold. When you embark for strange places, don't leave any of yourself safely on shore. Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory." --Alan Alda

Sunday, June 15, 2008


A mountain top experience... Literally!

Today we went to the village of Panes (pronounced pon-nes). Jennifer and Osmany have been serving there for the past 3 years. They are making plans right now to build a church there. How exciting!

We haven't been able to go there until today, and if I'm honest, I wasn't too excited about going. The prospect of sitting in Spanish church didn't do it for me! Jess also told me how beautiful the drive was, and all I can thing is "yeah, yeah more mountains... great." We also stopped to pick up some 'thugs' I would call them, but I guess every man in Honduras just carries a machete... still this did not excite me... So needless to say I wasn't going into this with a great attitude.


Let me just say, God can knock you off you're feet, when you get like that... and fast. Literally, I had been there for maybe 5 minutes, when one of the little boys kicked a soccer ball at me and I ran to get it and tripped on a rock... and fell in the dirt... I really fell. No injuries, except my pride. I got up and realized Osmany was just going to meet with the town leaders and Jess and I were going to play with kids... Still a little skeptical, I stood over to the side for a little while, and soon found myself surrounded by 9 little girls throwing a frisbee, which I am not good at, but it was really fun, and they laughed at me... I didn't mind! These we some of the most cheerful girls I had seen in any village, with the exception of one. Clara, was her name. She quietly walked over to us as we were playing and just stood to the side. She played a little, then just stood. She was probably 7 years old, but I just couldn't help but wonder what she had seen or been through that would cause her to not be happy and playful like these other girls. I can't really explain the effect meeting this little girl had on me, I just thought about her a lot on the drive home, which was one of the most beautiful scenes I've seen here and, in my life, for that matter. I didn't take many pictures, which is kind of fitting, because I'm not sure it would do it justice. God just never ceases to amaze me.

Also on the way home we stopped to visit the family of a little boy named Lucas. He was in a wheel chair and had some severe medical problems, but his, and the whole family's sweet spirit spoke louder than any of the words they were saying that I could not understand. I have so much, and have been so richly blessed... and I think too often I thank God for the things he has given me and the blessings, when I should just praise Him for who He is.

Here are just a few pictures...

Where we played frisbee

The beautiful drive home

The girls I played with all morning...

Sweet, beautiful girls

This was my favorite place by far...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Honduran road trip!

This has been a weekend filled with fun and relaxation. We left early Thursday morning for Copan, Honduras, where the largest Mayan Indian settlement is found. Visiting the Mayan ruins was so fun and Copan was a beautiful city, but the part I enjoyed the most was hanging out with a few of my favorite people!

On the way, bright and early!

To pass the time on the drive we took lots of pictures!

...and lots of naps!

...and got to look at some really beautiful scenery!

When we arrived in Copan that evening we just walked around the town a bit and then went out to eat that night... All the streets of Copan are cobble stone and so cool!

Rebeca can be a bit moody at times, so we had a saying for the trip: "In Copan, we do what Bec says!" and she said to put our fingers in our ears, so we did of course!

She's also not so fond of shoes, I'm not sure I know a 3 year old who is, but the ground was a bit though on her feet, so I let her borrow mine... I wasn't sure I would ever get them back, and honestly, I probably would not have minded... I'm a sucker for her, that's for sure!

Me and Jess at the ruins, it was a perfect day!

I'm not exactly sure what this is a picture of, but I think it's like the main arena where they had all of the sporting events.

Another View, with the 'hermosa' (beautiful) mountains in the background

We thought the ruin man looked a little sad, se we decided to try and cheer him up ; )

Summer siblings...

The ruins had beautiful grass lawns, perfect for frolicking- so I brought Hannah along (represented by the piece of paper)

more ruins, and such a beautiful day!

This reminded me of gladiator... 5 people stood on each of the slanted parts and threw a large stone ball from side to side, If they hit one of the stone heads, a member of the other team had to be sacrificed... Yikes!

We like to play!

The following are yet another attempt to take some cool jumping pictures and the reason why Jess and I have sore legs and booties today...


My amazing family for the summer: Osmany, Jenn, Becita, and Me

After the ruins we did some shopping and went out to eat again, really yummy Honduran food... I think I'm addicted to it! We left Copan this morning and headed to the airport to pick up two sweet girls, Jamie and Sarah, who will be staying with us this week, my LAST week! We'll still be working in the clinic in the mornings and then helping them with a VBS in the afternoons. It should be a fun last week.

I miss everyone so so much and I will be home so soon, I can feel it! These past few weeks have absolutely flown by. I have learned, experienced, and been exposed to so much, and the God of the universe has taught me more than I ever expected, and held me close. I'm sure my explanations will never do it justice!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my first goodbye...

Today was our first actual busy day at Hermon! Steady patients from 8-12. I gave 3 more shots, and Jess gave a couple too, including one to a, quite literally, kicking and screaming kid, who was eventually appeased with a monkey sticker.. Thank God for those!

Tomorrow we leave for Copan so today was our last clinic day for the week. Next week, my last week, the Doctor we love will be on Vacation, so I had to say goodbye to him today. It was a lot harder than I thought! It's strange how attached you can become before you even know it! He thanked us for all of our help, but he was the one who taught us so much!! He is an extremely hard worker and he really cares about his patients. I respect him so much. He also speaks pretty good English and has quite the sense of humor... We took the following picture today and Jess made the remark, "I look like a giant" (which, she doesn't!!) and the Doctor said something like, "no, you're just in the land of smurfs!" What sweet people these are. I love them!

After returning home I was feeling a little sentimental, so I started looking through some of my pictures. I just realized what amazing people are part of my life and I am so thankful... I forget too easily just how truly blessed I am, or maybe it takes being away to realize just how good you have it! To prove it here are is a very small sample of the people I love and miss very much!!

My sweet family:

My crazy/fun/wonderful roomies and friends:

and Mr. Joseph Handy himself!

I am a lucky girl!
God is good.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

just a few things...

Today we would have normally been with the Mobile Clinic, but they didn't go today, so we went back to Hermon, my favorite place! I got to give two more shots today, bringing me to a grand total of 5 so far! It's still a little scary each time I do it, but I'm sure that will get better! We came home and took a nap, then I got to talk to my sweet friend Hannah for a good while, I miss home and friends a lot. I sure am thankful for Jess!
Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure...

This is Jess, Thelma, and I at the clinic today during some down time. She is the sweetest Lady! I love her so much!

The following are some things I do to remind me of home...
Number 1- make the gopher face like Hannah

Number 2- wear a t-shirt that belongs to my friend Rebecca

Thursday we leave for Copan, for a little getaway! Copan is where the Mayan ruins are, so we'll be visiting them and a water park this weekend, and I will be out of blogging range but I promise to update as soon as I get back!

I read this verse last night, not for the first time, but it really struck me, God's word is so alive!

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight." 1 Peter 3:3-4

I like that it did not say a quiet person, in that case I'm doomed... but instead a quiet, gentle spirit. It's something I think the Lord is teaching me to have, and I like it. Sometimes I feel like my spirit is absolutely screaming! But it's when I'm quiet that I feel closest to the Lord, and am able to hear him clearly. God is so good.

Monday, June 9, 2008

for just a minute...

allow me to brag on my super cool friends and boyfriend...
A team from our BCM just got back from a two and a half week mission trip to Malawi Africa! I've already heard some amazing stories and I know that God used those kids in a really big way with the people of Malawi... here are a few of the pictures...
p.s. don't forget to leave me a comment on the previous post, if you haven't already : )

the whole team

and this would be Parker and Joe doing a tribal dance... I would have killed to see this!!

Kasey, my beautiful roomie and a sweet little girl named Chimwemwe, which means happiness...

I realize this has now turned into a really long post about Africa, I'm just so darn proud of these people I can't help it! (Photo credit to the Facebook albums of: Joe Handy, Tiffany DeLaCerda, Kasey Kessler, and Daniel Binkley)

and now about me...
Today was a great day at the clinic! I got to give 2 more shots! We also had some good conversation with Thelma, the nurse, and when I say we, I mean Jess talked to her and I tried to make out a few of the words along the way. It really is amazing, though, how much you can learn to understand. It's also cool how the language of respect and love is universal. I know that sounds kind of corny, but it is true... and I can't really explain that.

I'm missing my family and friends and Joe more and more each day, and my heart longs for them, but I know that God is sustaining me and I need to still be here, to keep learning, and keep being obedient, keep trusting. God is an amazing comforter, that I cannot explain either... All I know is I am at peace... and what a feeling it is...

My heart is fixed where true joys are to be found, through Jesus Christ