Friday, May 30, 2008

two clinics and some ice cream....

Hello everyone! Yesterday was my first day with the mobile clinic. We arrived at the hospital around 7 and, no one was there... Hondurans aren't so much concerned with being on time... or so I thought. All of the others arrived about 20 minutes later, we boarded the 'ambulance' (which is basically a 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser with a rack on the top) and set off on what we thought would be about an hour's drive... 35 minutes later we had arrived... Only mildly unnerved, we started setting up. There was a really pretty lady dentist, the driver/dental assistant, a super nice doctor, and a not so super nice other girl who did paper work and counted out meds. Jess and I did vitals for about an hour then just observed but it was interesting and not too tiring, for us at least... When I tell you these people work hard.. in about 4 hours time the doctor saw 25 patients, the dentist pulled like 9 teeth, and filled probably around 4 or 5... they're work ethic was inspiring... Oh and for a consult with the doctor and necessary medication it cost about 60 limpiras (pronounced lim-pee-das) which is 3 dollars and 17 cents! To have a tooth pulled, with anesthesia (all of them got anesthesia!!) was 14 limpiras, that's 74 cents! We got back home around 3:00 and later I learned how to make tortillas and we had a wonderful Honduran meal.

Me and Jess outside of where the mobile clinic was. Look at that scenery!! God is such an amazing artist!

The 'ambulance'!

The Mobile clinic team. On the far right is Alex, our driver/dental assistant, next is the hott dentist, then the paper/meds girl, Jess, and yours truly!

On the way home from the mobile clinic we got them to drop us off a few blocks away from our house so we could stop for what we thought was butter pecan ice cream.. turns out it was rum raisin, ah language barriers!! but it was still yummy!

Me learning to make tortillas... Jenn says I'm a natural... well actually I said, "Jenn am I a natural?" and Jenn says, "sure!"

Me and little Bec in the pj's me and mom got her.

This morning we went to Hermon (pronounced air-mon) clinic. We worked with one doctor and one nurse who were both just precious! The doctor spoke English so that was a blessing for me, and they were both Christians. I mostly helped with paper work again while dispensing some meds... 2 veces al dia means 2 times a day! I 'tried' to watch the doctor stitch a woman's hand but got a little weak... so I had to leave the room, but no permanent damage... except to my pride... hmm, maybe God was trying to teach me something!! just kidding! We got home at 12 and ate then took a nice nap.

The past two days have been great! God's teaching me so much I can hardly describe it!

Hurricane Alma was supposed to be headed this way, but we are out of danger, so no worries, just might get some rain and a few power outages!

Thanks again for all the prayers and please keep 'em coming!!
I love you guys!


Christin said...

great work with both clinics Jess! You are such a blessing to your other coworkers! and I'm sure a great worker!

Rebeca's pj's are too cute!

keep your head up concerning the "stitching weakness"...the Lord is just preparing you for nursing school! :) just think, you will see so many more unique medical situations than most of us in the medical field ever will! What a help you will be to your classmates!

praying for you daily!

Love always!

bec said...

LIttle bec is SOO cute!

Sounds like a great first day at the mobile clinic, and a FABULOUS way to end it! (the ice cream part) I can't wait to try one of your tortillas!

Praying for you guys! love you SO!

Leslie Young said...

I LOVE the pj's! What a little cutie-pie! And I'm glad for a couple of good days of clinic work - sorry about the temporary lapse - you may have gotten that from me! That's some sweet encouragement and insight from Christin! Praying for you all!

Susan Williams said...

Rum ice cream... no one even said anything about that.... rum ice cream????

I got sick one time when they took one of Trent's IV's out.... when they took it out????? I'd held him down for many things worse than that... it happens... it means nothing.... except you're human. We are small... He is big.

I love you dear sockies!

Hannah B said...

i dearly love the new pic at the top! sweet sweet children! :)

i love reading the updates--keep them coming!

i am praying for you.

i was also happy to hear from you today via voicemail...i left my phone in the car while i went into my apartment to pick up some books to read about antibiotics for next week. i am a nerd. then i went to a birthday party for my cousin.

i hope you like the pic of our shoes on my will see what i'm talking bout!

and i tried to call back tonight but i'm sure you were probably having too much fun playing with that sweet little rebecca or maybe chatting with jess or watching beth moore videos! :)

please call again & i will try again too.. what is your bedtime? what are good calling times? are we in the same time zone?