Wednesday, May 28, 2008

round 2!

Here is the video of us in Honduras!! random little clips of the group... and it's a bit lengthy, so don't worry about hurting my feelings if you want to skip some parts... skip away and enjoy! again, I don't promise anything extremely compelling or life changing but it should at least bring a little chuckle!
I also have some video of some of the kids we played with... I'll try to get that up at some point.
Here you go!

Had some delicious American tacos tonight and went to the grocery store, which is basically the same as ours here... and mostly just chilled today, read, and napped which was super nice. It's so cool how, no matter what your plans are, God knows what you need and makes it happen for you. He's good.


Leslie Young said...

I love SBJ's face by the end of Padre Abraham! Too cute! More!
Dad says: I love you, Jessica, I love you Jessica, I love you, Jessica.
Mike says: Don't drink the water. I'm going to put on a shirt.
We love you!

christin said...

another great video Jess! :)

Wiley McClary said...


How neat. Ms Sandy sent me your blogg or her blogg or whatever. she didn't even know she could blogg nor did i but anyway i did like the video. It was even better than calling the office phone to hear your voice say "please enter your party's extension".

We do miss you. And I am so proud of you. Makes my heart feel so good to know that you and others like you are doing God's work and your from "Wisner". What a good place to be from.

Looking forward to hearing about your time there.

Bro. Wiley