Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a birthday celebration, is a birthday celeration...

... even if it is two days late!!
This morning we woke up around 7 and headed to the hospital, then rode about 10 minutes to a **more rural clinic. We were there from 8-12. Jess gave a few shots while I observed and helped by filling out charts... that were in SPANISH! So, if anyone was wondering peso is weight, edad is age... I can't remember the rest...
This morning I was still feeling a little groggy thanks to those nice little Honduran parasites, and just pure exhaustion. But it's nothing a yummy PBJ and good nap can't cure (what is it about PBJ??)! I woke up feeling a little better, relaxed this afternoon, and had a wonderful Honduran dinner, no cabbage(the parasite culprit), and now seem to be functioning at 100%! Thanks to everyone who prayed for me!! Here are a few pictures of the 'festivities' and a couple of little Bec who is too precious for words... seriously!

My lovely cake box and me...

My half eaten 'tres leche' cake right next to my orange Gatorade.. which was basically like my cake for May 25th

What a stinkin' cutie!!!

Malawi peeps- We're praying for you every day!
SBJ, Rachel- We miss you guys sooo much!!
Mom, Dad, Mike- I love love love you!!
Joe- you know!
All other blog readers- thanks for the prayers and for reading!!

p.s. comments rock!


Leslie Young said...

I know I've said it before, but Rebecca reminds me so much of a little Honduran Madeleine!! She is adorable -- as are you great Jess's!
(Especially my little birthday princesita!) So glad you're better! Our first game (against Bill's team) ended in a tie, which is cool. Mike struck out both at bats, but he fouled a couple off his second time and the crowd went WILD! (his peeps were all there to cheer him on!) We missed you and everyone loves you and is praying for you!

Hannah B said...

I promise to write a longer comment/facebook message later! I will update my blog soon too, since you are my #1 reader/usually only reader! :)

I tried to call you & Jess yesterday around 7ish, but no answer so I will try again another day!

I am most definately praying for you two ladies & I can't wait to hear more about yall's adventures!

Also frolic time will be much needed when we are both available! And I have some fun stories to tell you that we can giggle about! :)

You are FABULOUS young lady & I am so blessed that you are also a FRIEND! :) Much Love to you & Jess & that super cutie Rebecca!

bec said...

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture on the top of your blog. wow- so pretty!

I love you jess! I'm praying for you guys!

christin said...

your top blog pic is Amazing!

im so glad to hear you are feeling better! no more cabbage for you young lady...haha!

keep up the great work at the clinic...im sure you will be doing some injections soon. you have an incredible student nurse to teach you what you need to know :)

im praying for today, a day of rest! and for the clinic, relationships, some spanish! and everything in between!

i bet Rebeca just LOVES her new Jess!