Friday, November 23, 2007

a sunny black friday...

today was perfect...
i slept until i woke up, no alarms, just the sun through my window, and i spent all day with my parents. it was cold and sunny outside so me and dad went for a walk...
i love the simple things.

i've been thinking about my grandmother a lot lately, Mamma-Dee.
and just how much i want to be exactly like her.
she is strong, and sensitive, and hilarious, and she always has others on her mind. she says things sometimes that we never figure out... we call them 'dorothy-isms'
here are two of the most memorable to me...

"that boy was broke as the day of spades"
(maybe black as the ace of spades... or something as the day is long?)

"she is as jealous as a red hen"
(mad as a wet hen maybe??)

every cloud has a silver lining, and we call her the queen of the silver lining.
she finds the best in every situation, without fail.
she loves and trusts without reservation, and she gives from the heart whatever she has.
most of all she has unwaivering faith, she prays fiercely, and she just plain ole' loves the Lord....
i want to be just. like. her.

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