Thursday, November 15, 2007

new idea...

maybe no one will ever read this, but i decided to just start writing again..
i started this for a mission trip i went on to Humboldt County, California... however i posted more times before i left than while i was there... but here's what happened in my life this summer.

1. i learned how much i love louisiana. you never know just how dependent you are on sweet tea and people who hold the door open for you until you are away from them.
2. i fell in love with the pacific ocean. there is nothing like waking up to crashing waves and looking out and being about to see only dark blue water for miles.
3. i became very aware of my spiritually, and i can't explain that.
4. i met some of the coolest people i'll ever meet..
5. i missed my mamma.. and everyone at home for that matter. never have i longed so much to just touch someone who i loved.
6. sometimes it was really hard
7. sometimes i had energy and enthusiasm and i had no clue how it got there..
8. God sent me sweet kids to love on and they are what kept me going.
9. i learned the word trust for the first time.

i have this perspective like never before, but i still find it difficult sometimes to maybe.. apply what i learned, this is another thing i can't explain. it was a life-changing thing that i did, but it doesn't always feel like that, just because i get so caught up in the day-to-day. sometimes i just forget how amazing God is. how is that possible? i want to wake up everyday and say, what the heck did i do to deserve forgiveness and grace like this (to which the answer is 'nothing'), boy do i want to live today for my creator. i want to be passionate and effective. i want to show other people that i'm imperfect, i want to be honest, mostly i want to glorify God.. all day, every day.

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