Wednesday, July 11, 2007

if there is one thing i have learned about myself...

it is that i am a bad blogger... i mean really bad!
but here's an update..
last week i stayed with the Schulze family (they have 7 kids... fun times) in Arcada, Ca. i was there for the fourth, we had a picnic and ireworks! and i helped out around the church for the week. here i got a true taste of 'hippie culture' and i got to meet and spend time with some truly amazing Christians. God is blessing me sooooo much! at the begining of last week i got super homesick... but i think God really used that to prove that He is my strength and even though i miss everyone i can still get through with Him.

we moved again on Saturday and i arrived at Rio Dell Baptist Church in Rio Dell, Ca. here we are doing VBS, and it is pretty small but i think the kids that are here are really enjoying it. i am staying with the Teasley family, they have four kids, all are adopted and on of which is a very curious 7 year old, who has become my shadow and asks "why?" after every statement... so God is giving me lots of patients!! the oldest Rosie, has had a lot of trials in her life and she is not a christian, please be in prayer for her. i know that she has heard the gospel probably a hundred times, so i am just trying to love on her as much as i can. the Teasley's are amazing people and God is teaching me so many things through them. Starla, who is the mom i'm staying with has a thing called 'ruth's room' at the church, which is like a good will, or salvation army, but it is all free. she has a great heart, but not the best organization skills, so i've been helping her with that also, and it has been really fun and i got to talk to a couple of the women who came in yesterday, so that was exciting. another thing i love about the teasleys is... THEY DRINK SWEET TEA!!! i was in heaven!

so, yes i miss home a bunch and can't wait to be back, but God is so good! and i am completely in love with the people of California! thanks for all the prayers!


Leslie Young said...

Yay for updates! I just checked your blog out of habit, not really expecting anything and...boom! An update! I'm praying for you and all your new California friends! Love you, love you, love you!

Hannah B said...

We are alike in being bad bloggers together! I hope you have an excellent week!

Jos Goedmakers (Netherlands) said...